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I found UpgradeToLife during a time when I was desperately trying to find any way to manifest my goals. I watched all the typical YouTube videos you can imagine on all the “methods” to manifest a text, call, etc. Nothing worked and I was still desperate to improve my relationship & general life situation. Upgradetolife has made me feel confident, happy, powerful, like I have more and more control of my life. Now, like we learn in this program, it’s a process, this is an entire life-change, a new lifestyle. Do I still have days where my ego comes up and doubts arise, yes. But now I have this program for life where I can easily access all the information. Also I now know who I truly am - I AM! Thanks Niclas for all your work!


I just wanted to give a testimonial because this program is definitely amazing. I'm on the last two weeks now, so currently on week 5 of 6. This is definitely my last time seeking coaching, because I found my perfect coach/program! I finally am not feeling like I need to jump from coach to coach to get 'more help' or more insight. The coaching program, with the activities and the detailed explanations in each video has been incredible to say the least. I had multiple deeper realizations during program. First, I would only hear that 'I am entirely responsible for my reality' and think 'no way' to say the least, but with Niclas' explanations and digging deeper I FINALLY understand such concepts in the law of assumption that seem so out there. Thank you so much for all you do Niclas! And for being a coach that I know won't give up on me like my past coaches, your program is like a safe space for me!


I thank you for the "upgrade to life“ program. The teachings of Neville Goddard, which you explained very clearly in this program and condensed it to the essentials, opened up a new approach for life for me. It is now much easier for me to let go of the unwanted. My inner self-talk has changed. I think and live much more consciously. I am much more aware of what triggers me and try to find out what the reason is. Unpleasant remarks from other people can no longer hurt me, as they used to, they only show me where I should change my self-talk. I am becoming more and more a self-confident and self-determining woman, but everything without stress. As I have an ever better relationship with myself, I notice how relationships with others are changing, improving or new ones are emerging. People want to be with me and I find that incredibly beautiful. In general, a lightness has entered my life that was not there before. I am enjoying my life to the fullest and more. In general, I can definitely say that I have improved the quality of my life and that I go through life much happier, more fulfilled and more relaxed. I now know how to consciously shape my life and look forward to more success stories. Thank you Niclas 🙂 The program is very recommendable.


The Coaching with Niclas was awesome! He took so much pressure from me and has a very holistic concept of the Law of Assumption and spirituality in general. It’s not just about getting what you desire, but also about who you truly are. Manifesting shouldn’t be work and that’s what I finally realized today! This approach resonates with me the most! He explains things pretty well and you instantly realize that he knows what he is talking about. Niclas really wants to help you and isn’t all about profit. He answers every single question you have and it’s really fun to work with him. I can recommend his coaching 100%!!!


Working with Niclas (upgradetolife) is a phenomenal experience. When I started off I was very confused as to how I should be approaching my goals with all the different information out there. Niclas always listened to my specific situation and tailored his advice for me and told me exactly what I needed to be doing and helped me where I was struggling to make the shift into my desired state of consciousness. It’s truly a whole new sense of living. His education and way of teaching is very easy to understand and he actually cares and listens. I felt truly supported and cared about. My situation is improving day by day and it was definitely thanks to his help!


Since I started to work with Niclas, I noticed the program is beautifully organized and simplified in a very systematic way that any person, even non-native English speakers, can fully understand and follow the principles in an easy way. I enjoyed all the lectures in it and best of all is attending the weekly live calls as much as possible no matter how busy I am, it's the time where I find all the members around who are like me, we can express whatever we want and it feels like home. In our daily life I cant express to my friends or relatives as they will criticize me or think I am weird. But the best of all is our great Coach Niclas who is always present and willing to answer any questions and is very patient with all the members in every discussion. Also I noticed each week the members are more enlightened and more passionate and everyone showing with good results. The whole program & the live calls made my mind systematic and gave me results more faster especially in my manifestations. Lots of successes happen in my manifestation journey during the program and all came with practice of all the videos + worksheets in addition to all the guidance I get from the live calls from Niclas and the members. I definitely do recommend it to people to enroll in the program and if you have an open mind and faith you will get more success.


I am no longer as stressed as I used to be, I find excitement in parts of my everyday and I live knowing who I am and have confidence from that. I am exactly who I thought I was my entire life before conditioning, almost child like feelings at times. I feel a whole new sense of life and it’s beautiful. I have more patience; I am kinder and more understanding. I don’t get hung up on small things which is easy to do in sales and I let go of the uncontrollable things without dwelling in thought. Learning how to look within and deal with the not so great times comfortably is worth it alone. I’m very thankful for Niclas and this program. The program shows you a bigger picture of how life & manifesting actually works which is truly worth your time. Would I recommend this program? YES 100 percent. You actually get amazing results when you follow through! I feel very supported, not judged and taken care of very much - the support is amazing and you feel very empowered. I 10/10 recommend this! I would have not gotten to where I am without this. I am a busy person and this entire program is put together so well that I’ve felt confident and calm going through the program. Thank you Niclas and your amazing work!


I absolutely love the program. It’s just amazing how well you organized this. I am understanding things about the law of assumption on a much deeper level than before and things are really changing in my life. I have less anxiety about everything because I know that I’m in control. Seriously... I’m really proud of you. This is a beautiful collection of work and Neville would be proud! I could not be happier that I joined this program. I feel so much more at ease, I have more faith and I am so much more in control of my emotional state. I must say that since I started this program I feel a very strong universal sense that everything is ok. I feel almost like you have taken us under your wing like a protective bird. I feel a strong sense that you are looking out for all of us like a good luck charm, Niclas! I wholeheartedly recommend this to people who are serious about manifesting their goals, experiencing positive transformations in their lives & finally wanting to live life at peace.


I am developer (IT) and live in Canada. I was scammed by someone who named himself a great mentor on law of assumptions. I knew that I created that but didn’t know how to stop that. I was frustrated and very upset. It’s been more than a month that I started the program, I already experienced a success story related my special person. I am way more peaceful and grateful now and released most of my fears by reminding myself that I am creator of them. I accepted full responsibility for my life. Niclas is always there for me and patiently answering my questions. In our community all of us supporting each other and I am so happy that I joined the program. I would highly recommend others to join the program because it’s the best way to understand deeply and applying correctly the law and shift your life!

Neisa Pazira

This man is amazing. I have learnt so much from Nicolas. He is patient and kind and goes into extreme depths, unlike many other gurus he genuinely has always been interested in me and my growth with this law. I have seen such amazing progress since meeting Nicolas. I would not ever learn anywhere else other than with him, the information and knowledge this guy has acquired is phenomenal and can all be found and tried yourself, having Nicolas teach me has by far been the biggest investment I’ve made for myself, I really appreciate Nicolas and his hard work and wish him all the wealth health and success neither less happiness do not hesitate join him today !!

Shay Johnson

Hey! I wanna share my success story on how I manifest my specific person to continue & be in a happy relationship with me AND move to my country (Switzerland). It’s absolutely possible, I am the proof: I felt unloved and unwanted for so long, and when I had my call with Niclas, it was about the same time when things started to change for me, I met my specific person (now my GF) not long ago but at the beginning it was unclear if our relationship would be something worth building. Because at the beginning it was not at all love at first sight, and at that time one of my manifestation goal was to make sure I am desired and wanted and loved, that I could get any girl I wanted, but I didn't wanted to break up with my SP, I wanted it to work out, and that’s what it did! (...) So many thanks for your positivity and your work Niclas! She will move in next Tuesday and start the job in September 🙂 For me personally, I use both Niclas' teachings and meditating, as that combination seems to work the best for me. For Niclas' part, I applied most of what I learn through his content, I must say 80% of the work is about shifting the self-concept/state, 19% is about recognizing the traps and having faith, and only 1% is the method. (...) Take home message for all: Definitely check out the content from Niclas, his program and get help from trusted people like him, family members, etc. who truly wish you good.


Niclas is the Neville Goddard of this generation. This is the second time I am watching his latest masterclass because it makes more sense than the movie "The Secret" I have invested my time watching both of his masterclass and manifesting feels easier now. I applied the "Law Of Assumption" and I already experienced great things.


Extremely empowering. The coaching with Niclas is really great! He knows his stuff and takes time to communicate it clearly in a simple way, but also can go in depth if you wish to do so. It was so empowering, even having the little doubts you had before, being flushed away. One of the espacially amazing things about Niclas is, that he does not give any limiting believes forth to you, like so many other teachers do unknowingly. I love how Niclas really understands Neville, that being aware of your true self is the foundation for everything. Would recommend 10/10. P.S. my SP wrote me the same day, like 3 hours after the call, after 3 week of no contact.


Very personal coaching and understanding. Niclas was very attentive and understanding. He was able to connect to my personal story and provide feedback on my current state of being and how to shift it. He explained the importance of perspective and gave me tips to navigate my reality with these perspectives. I would recommend his guidance to those who need more clarity of the process and may be stuck. I am excited for apply his teachings and upgrade my life. Thank you Niclas!!!

Mehul Vegad

The upgradetolife-coaching is the best coaching I’ve ever had! Niclas is clearly very knowledgeable related to the material, but is also very humble and honest if he needs clarification about a question. He answeres every one of my questions in a clear and concise way, and provides great insight into limiting beliefs and blocks that I wasn’t aware of. I am looking forward to continue working with him. I left the coaching feeling a renewed sense of hope and excitement for life. Thanks Niclas 🙂


I am so happy I chose Niclas to be my coach with manifesting & explaining Neville Goddard. He has a clear understanding & is transparent with his own process which helped me tremendously. He taught me to be patient & keep it simple & have fun, working on self concept is the key & before my coaching session with Niclas I was unfocused & jumping from one technique to another. Niclas kept me focused & explained the process to me in a way that I understood. I have had success in manifesting since my session. Persistence & mental diet. He is the best!


Niclas is amazing, he is an expert and his masterclass is awesome.... so easy to understand and so in depth. No one explains it the way Niclas does... I have learned so much and seen such good results I tell all my friends about Niclas and how amazing he is I would recommend him and his masterclass and just his page in general to everyone


Niclas is a manifestation expert!!! His coaching is excellent. He helped me change my perception of everything. I went from using the law of attraction to use the law of assumption. He makes manifesting easier and funnier!! I have manifested a lot of things since then!!! thank you again!!

Theodora Themistocleous

Niclas is amazing! He is very good at explaining The Law of Assumption and Neville Goddard's teachings. I can definitely recommend booking a session (or more) with him if you are new to The Law and Neville Goddard.

Christine Birkenfeldt

I'm not new to Law of Assumption but even the master class is incredibly well explained so it's easy to understand. The coaching is so good that I already had a success story during it. UPGRADE TO LIFE has definitely changed my perspective. I see things much more clearly now and manifesting has started to be fun. I can warmly recommend UPGRADE TO LIFE to you so that you can achieve your own success.


Niclas is INCREDIBLE!! I did a call with him a while back and he explained manifestation to me in a way that I could finally understand. He completely changed my whole life around and I’m excited to be able to mold my life just like I imagine it!! His masterclass is also seriously impressive. Although he gives a general gist of manifestation, he goes very in-depth with it and explains how, what, and why, very thoroughly. I just have too many good things to say about him! 🙂


Just joined the coaching from upgradetolife and it was amazing. This is the first time i have ever paid money for coaching and I am so happy i did. I truly feel like he was able to help me break down the teachings of Neville Goddard (Law of Assumption) to a language i understood and even suggested creative ways to help with my fears and self doubts that creep up on me. Niclas is also a wonderful listener and really pays attention to your concerns and sticks to the topics that matter to you. I made a ton of notes that I will be able to refer back to if I start to lose sight of my new identity (self concept) Thank you Niclas.

Natalie Toskic

The masterclass was very professional, concise and easy to understand. I ended it feeling more confident about manifesting in every area of my life 🙂


I have watched so many videos on youtube and tried so many techniques but you are one of a kind!!....You cared so much about me understanding the concept and you were answering every single question I had.... you are amazing ! I am so grateful and thankful... honestly I am at peace after all the information you taught me. Because of you, I now understand that this is my life and I create it and nothing is a coincidence .. No one out here is teaching Neville as precise as you! Bravo ?? you are amazing !

Mike R.

Wow. I am amazed that what I learned from your coaching program led to more changes in my life than any other thing I ever buyed. You understand manifesting down to the T and explain everything in a truly amazing way. Thank you.

Jonathan L.

The thing I like about you most that you are genuine, and you do care about your clients and I felt like I am talking with my friend! I did joined a program from another LOA coach before but that experience was terrible and they are doing that for business, but you are genuine and not fake. Thank you so much again and I can't wait to send you my success story. I am feeling really good about all of my manifestations 🙂


Thank you for speaking to me today, taking some extra time to clarify how manifesting works and helping me out whenever I had questions! You helped me to identify my biggest problem and how to overcome it. It was great!


Hey Niclas, I am really grateful to you for the amazing guidance and wisdom you provide! You explain manifesting in so easy way ?? Got the perfect answers to my questions ? and clear idea about further steps ?

Jayraj U.

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to you! Ever since I joined your coaching my life has transformed! You answered my questions and gave me so much clarity, I now have a clear path on how to become a manifesting master and create the life I deserve! Thank you thank you thank you!

Sizolwenkosi F.

How to manifest your goals & live a self empowered life. No hype. No fluff. No woo-woo. Just straight talk from a guy who did it.